Jensan Farm Services P/L with their strategic partner Environmental Mulching and Earthworks can now boast the most comprehensive range of vegetation management options in regional Victoria and Southern NSW , the recent development and addition of the EME Posi Trak mounted ENVIROSHEAR unit and a FECON FORESTRY MULCHING HEAD to our New Holland - Diamond Mowers Reach Arm unit has further broadened our capacity to manage any vegetation control challenge .

The equipment range now available includes a 110 HP TEREX POSI TRAK [ EME } with a Diamond Forestry Slasher and a HD Bradco Magnum fixed tooth Mulcher , a Log Grab , Harley Rake and Flail Mulcher .

Jensan Farm Services P/L  have continued to grow and expand our equipment options with 4 different cutting heads now available for our Diamond Reach Arm unit , 52" Ecoblade , 52" HD Flail Mulcher , 36" Circular Forestry Cutting Head and the USA Made Fecon Fixed Tooth Mulcher  .

Our Linkage Mounted Berends Flail Mulcher also works in a support role to finish off areas mulched by either the Terex or the Reach Arm units , we also have the HD 3.75 Meter Diamond Flexwing Slasher , 2.1 Meter Howard and 2.1 Meter Berends Heavy Duty Contractor Slashers which can provide ongoing maintenance and fire prevention programs.

Mulch and Spray , this technique follows up the mulching work within a season and utilizes a boom spray unit to spray the young vegetative regrowth , this method greatly reduces the overall herbicide volume required , lowers the costs compared to high volume hand spraying and leaves the site ready for grazing or other maintenance options

ENVIROSHEAR , this unique machine was developed in Ballarat by Russell and Alex Coxall from Environmental Mulching and Earthworks to meet the challenges presented by a Jensan Farm Services contract for NSW DPI WATER  in 2017 - 2018 , the NIMMIE CAIRA contract on 88.000 Hectares [ 220.000 acres ] called for the removal of BOXTHORN scattered over a 2400 Hectare [ 6000 acre ] area . Our challenge was to control this vegetation without disturbing the soil due to the presence of sensitive indigenous sites throughout the project

the ENVIROSHEAR in simple terms is a 26 tonne hydraulic 750 mm secateur that can shear through up to 250 mm of hardwood trunk then apply a metered amount of selective herbicide to the cut stump within seconds , after 12 months the treated stumps showed no signs of regeneration , the outcomes have been commended by the NSW Government Departments including LLS and DPI as a major success , ideal for Boxthorn , Hawthorn , Eucalypt Spp. Wattle Spp . Sycamore and other exotic problem species  

ECOBLADE TECHNOLOGY , Developed here in Australia by Jensan Farm Services P/L management this technology remains at the forefront in vegetation management options for Gorse and other noxious woody weeds , governed by the height and volume of the target weed these units Cut , Paint and Mulch in a single pass applying specific herbicides at Ultra Low Volumes through the slasher blades , these volumes are up to 97% less than conventional spraying methods

SPRAYING , We still provide conventional hand spraying in areas where the more innovative solutions featured above are not suitable