Contracting services we offer: 

Contract Rabbit Control

  • Carrotbait and Oatbait programs with a choice of Pindone or 1080 using machinery or hand spread depending on specific site needs.

  • Carrots for free feed and Pindone carrots are sourced locally and freshly cut.

  • Fumigation using Aluminium Phosphide tablets and a Smoker identification unit.

  • Rodenator R3 concussive force technology unit available for warren destruction.

  • Tractor mounted ripper and front end loader for warren ripping and habitat removal.

  • Shooting services including spotlighting and transect counts available.

Possum, Pigs and Feral Cats

  • Cage trapping available


Programs available for rabbits, foxes, goats, pigs, deer and native wildlife with permits including kangaroos etc.

Fox Baiting

1080 Foxoff programs are available to suit all size properties, preferred months for baiting programs are January, February, March and early April prior to opening rains.

1080 meat baits work most effectively in dry conditions and when young foxes from the previous year's breeding cycle (August-November) are seeking new territories and will take baits readily due to inexperience. Older foxes are more vulnerable during these dryer months as food becomes scarce.