Jensan Farm Services P/L is staffed by 2 directors , Phil Sansom and Daryl Jenkins who are responsible for all works. they also have a number of strategic partners , sub contractors and Contractor Association members available to support the operational requirements

Phil Sansom holds the commercial operator's license (C.O.L.0079),  'C' and "D"  category Professional shooters licenses , NSW Game Management G Professional license , Humane Destruction National Accreditation  he is also a fully qualified C.F.A forest industry brigade member with industry recognised qualifications in first aid, chainsaw use, traffic management, fire survival, DPI weedstop accreditation.

28 years experience with agricultural chemical manufacturers Ciba-Geigy and Nufarm with state, national and global management positions, former advisory board member with agcare responsible for concept and release of 'Drumuster container collection program,' 'Agsafe staff and premise accreditation' and represented agribusiness on the advisory board for the 'Advance Australia Foundation.'

Daryl Jenkins operates under the C.O.L 0079 and is also a CFA forest brigade member and holds all of the above certificates.


In addition Daryl spent time in the Australian Defence Forces as an engineer and is qualified in a wide range of activities relevant to his service. He then worked as an engineer with 'Maxitrans' before forming Jensan Farm Services with Phil Sansom (hence Jen-San) in 1994 on a part time basis until 1998 when both partners became full time.

Daryl has been primarily responsible for all equipment used by Jensan and has twice won the Elmore Machinery Field days "Machine of the Year" award. His role involves contracting and designing specialist spraying and pest animal control machinery .