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Smoke Identification Unit

Trials by the Department of Primary Industries in Victoria proved that using a smoke identification unit when fumigating rabbit warrens with Aluminium Phosphide tablets was up to 90% more effective. Identifying every opening in a rabbit warren is critical as even the smallest crack in the ground will allow significant quantities of the gas to escape and reduce the effectiveness by up to 90%.

The Jensan Smoker Unit is powered by modifying the Stihl BG65 Leaf Blower.In order to produce a high flow of mineral oil (baby oil) smoke, a precise amount of oil is fed into the exhaust manifold and then transferred to the main air flow. The unit runs effectively at idle speed is lightweight and reliable.

The smoker unit is lightweight, easy to start, economical to run and produces a continuous volume of clean 'baby oil' smoke at idle speed.

Jensan 'smoker' identification unit in use prior to sealing the openings, is essential for optomising fumigant tablets (Aluminium Phosphide) or the Rodenator oxygen-LPG concussive force unit.

PRICE $740 + GST