Combination Oatbait and Carrotbait Layers 

First built by numerous manufacturers in the 1950's, barrel style baiters have been a proven method for laying carrot and oat bait in a trail for over 60 years.

Taking the best design features from these original units, Jensan Farm Services built an updated version using stainless steel for the barrel and were able to incorporate a unique plough disc tensioning system and produce a lighter, stronger and more reliable baiting unit for carrots and oats. In trials conducted at Ballan, Victoria by D.P.I., Grow West and C.M.A the Jensan carrot baiter proved to be both accurate and efficient in their large scale trial site.  

The spring loaded plough disc system is also used on the Jensan precision Oatbait layer and is proven across all soil types and terrain.

The Jensan Combination Bait Layer is rugged and reliable in all condidtions.  Features a direct belt drive that delivers an even flow of either cut carrots or oats at any set speed.

PRICE $4350 + GST