Jensen Farm Services are the sole distributor and agent for Australia and New Zealand for the Rodenator units.

Jensen Farm Services are the sole distributor and agent for Australia and New Zealand for the Rodenator units.

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Rodenator concussive force Oxygen-LPG technology is available from Jensan Farm Services. As an Australian distributor we import and sell the new R3 Rodenator as a separate unit or in a ready to use kit. Additional items available include custom built 50 metre hose reels and vehicle carry racks. Training, access to discounted oxygen supply and on-going technical support are all available. Our contracting services also mean in-depth knowledge of the technology.R3 Model RodenatorReleased in 2009, this highly modified version of the original R1 Rodenator Pro was a result of suggested changes made by Jensan Farm Services Director Phil Sansom. Having used the R1 Phil saw the need to develop a specific model designed for use in countries outside the USA that had rabbit problems and could not rely on short bursts of Oxygen-LPG through a hand-held R1 designed for short shallow Gopher tunnels. The need for a lightweight, easy to use and highly portable unit with remote cord detonation saw the development of the R3 by the design team at Meyer Ind. USA. and the launch worldwide in under 12 months. Phil Sansom commented, "From a visit to the USA in April 2009, the testing and evaluation process saw the launch in the same year of a unit that exceeded all of our expectations. Not only did they produce a design that met our original specifications, the "Meyer Team" incorporated some great safety features and the ease of use has been significantly improved".The R3 is compact, uses higher flow rates, has remote cord detonation and is built tough with less moving parts than the R1 and R2 models.
The new R3 unit has a unique feature that uses the ignition cord to hold open the inlet flow, this enables the unit to be shut off by pulling the cord then the firing button is pressed, simple, yet safe and effective.

The concussive forcegenerated by the Oxygen-LPG detonation is a sufficient to give humane control of rabbits and collapse the majority of a warren, this collapse varies depending on soil type, warren depth and amount of oxygen used.

This technology is well suited for small to medium warrens where an effective and humane control of the rabbits and a collapse of the warren structure can be assured. In larger warrens, the technology should be used in conjunction with a baiting program or a biological event which will leave the warren empty thus removing the humane aspect. 

The R3 kit is available "ready to use" with your own Oxygen and LPG bottles required to complete the system.  Access to your own trade level discount A/C with BOC Ltd is available.  

Training options available.

PRICE $3200 + GST