Project Management

In 2017 we were awarded one of the largest Environmental Management contracts in Southern NSW , covering the 2017 - 2018 financial year we were based north of Balranald on the Nimmie Caira project property which is 88.000 hectares [ 240.000 acres ] . our role involved the removal of Boxthorn on a 1800 hectare section and feral and pest animal control program across all the property , this involved baiting , trapping , ground and aerial shooting plus warren destruction

Target species were foxes , feral pigs , fallow deer , rabbits , feral cats and wild dogs , the aerial shooting was provided by the NSW Government FAAST helicopter [ Feral Animal Aerial Shooting Team ]

We purchased a new RTV Polaris Ranger 1000 diesel [ 24 HP ] to undertake a wide variety of tasks alongside our existing RTV Kioti Mechron 2200 , this included ground shooting [ day and night ] , 1080 rabbit bait laying , monitoring of pest species and mapping boxthorn areas , these RTV units played an integral role in supporting our strategic partner in the Boxthorn removal , Environmental Mulching and Earthworks provided their 110 HP Terex Posi Trak fitted with the newly developed Enviroshear unit , this cut and paint unit revolutionised the boxthorn control and satisfied the Indigenous requirement for zero soil disturbance .

The combined program approach involving the Jensan team , Joss Facility Project Manager and the FAAST Helicopter accounted for over 1100 foxes , 600 deer , 75 feral cats , 4500 feral pigs , an estimated 12.000 rabbits and destroyed 320 warrens using the R3 Rodenator concussive force technology